Awards Ceremony for the Transmission, Promotion, and Safeguarding of the World's Intangible Cultural Heritage
Jeonju International Awards for
Promoting Intangible Cultural Heritage

  Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and extend a warm welcome to all of you to the most traditional city in Korea. It is an honor to address you on this auspicious occasion, as we come together to celebrate the Jeonju International Awards for Promoting Intangible Cultural Heritage (JIAPICH). Intangible cultural heritage (ICH) is a precious embodiment of the values cherished by our community, nurtured through the winds of change over a long period of time.

  Though ICH, it possesses a remarkable power that gently embraces weary souls to help us find meaning in life. The JIAPICH is a testament to Jeonju City's unwavering belief in the boundless strength and potential that ICH holds. It is an international recognition established by the City of Jeonju to honor the contributions of those who have dedicated their efforts to the preservation and revitalization of our invaluable ICH, ensuring that it never fades away from our existence. Jeollabuk-do, our province, proudly holds the largest number of 56 intangible cultural assets of Korea. As ICH is an universal asset that must be preserved by all, the JIAPICH held in Jeonju, the representative cultural city of Korea, hold even greater value. Amidst rapid social changes, countless ICHs are at risk of being lost.

  However, thanks to the tireless dedication and commitment of individuals in transmitting these invaluable legacies to the next generation, we can witness the living and breathing presence of ICH among us today. Jeonju City has been diligently working towards the transmission, preservation, and revitalization of intangible cultural heritage through the JIAPICH.We sincerely honor the tireless efforts of individuals from around the world. Moving forward, we will continue our efforts to ensure the transmission of our precious ICH and to keep its value shining brightly.

Thank you.
Mayor of Jeonju,
Beom-ki Woo