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2024 JIAPICH Guidelines
Application qualifications
Individuals or organizations related to the protection and transmission of the right-hand type heritage
Application period
February 1 - April 30
Reward scale
$30,000(US) 1 to 5 teams / individuals
Evaluation Criteria
- Level of Expression of ICH Protection and Transmission Activities.
- Establishment of visibility of ICH and strengthening social cohesion and cooperation.
- Example of Community Development for the Promotion of ICH.

Preparation materials for filling out applications

* Application score is not possible if the equipment document is insufficient
* Revoke the award if the submission is found to be false.
* Submit all data in PDF format.
1. Recommendation :
The head of an institution, organization, and expert belonging to a trust institution in the field of ICH. (Not family members and persons)
2. Consent :
Common consent for awards at JIAPICH.
3. CV :
Group / Individual ICH related resume.
4. Interim data :
Activity-related photos(JPG), pamphlets, videos, article materials, etc.