Jeonju International Awards for
Promoting Intangible Cultural Heritage

Jeonju City, Republic of Korea, invites
applications for the awards!
JIAPICH Application and Guidelines
Eligibility Criteria The awards shall go to individual or groups that practice good safeguarding practices of ICH.

Or the awards shall go to local communities, administrators, NGOs or other institutions that practice the modeling development, social solidarity, and cooperation throughout safeguarding practices of ICH.

Or the awards shall go to the individual or groups that have contained international visibility by raising cultural pride of their community during transmitting of ICH.

Or the awards shall go to the individuals or groups that achieve exemplary outstanding performance by practicing cultural diversity through the safeguarding and transmission process of ICH. The awards shall go to the individuals or groups that take the lead in good safeguarding practices of ICH in the global community regardless of nationality, ethnicity, religion, race, age, gender, or any other political, social, economic or cultural orientation.
Adjudication Criteria Efficient cases of safeguarding practices of Intangible Cultural Heritage and of activating the power and its significance for the future development of the global community as well as for social cohesion, cooperation, and visibility of identity. A good example that has made a significant contribution to the viability of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Important Dates ♦ March 1: Open to download 2023 JIAPICH application
♦ April 1: Start of the application submission
♦ May 31: Submission due date for the application
♦ June-July (dates TBD): Jury Panel meeting through Zoom
♦ July (dates TBD): 2023 JIAPICH Colloquium (past awardees)
♦ August 1: The 2023 JIAPICH Finalists Announced
♦ September-October (dates TBD): The 2023 JIAPICH Awards Ceremony
Prize ♦ 30,000$ USD awarded to finalists (1-5 individual/groups) Submitting the Application ♦ The application forms are available at the homepage (,
send the PDF file submissions and Supporting Documents via email:
PDF file submission ♦ Application Form (Appendix1), Letter of Recommendation (Appendix2), Letter of Agreement (Appendix3), Curriculum Vitae (within 1000 words), Supporting Documents Supporting Documents ♦ Mandatory: 3-5 photographs (jpg) related to the ICH safeguarding activities
♦ Optional: pamphlets/ 10-15 minute video clips/ journal articles
♦ Candidate Recommender's Qualification: Representatives or experts belonging to reliable institutions/organizations related to the fields of ICH. * Not accepted the recommendation by family or the subject. Not accepted if you are missing any of the requirements. Please submit the requirements in English. Applications are accepted via email only. **A video conference of the applicant with the 2023 JIAPICH Jury panel may be asked to guide into the selection process.
Corresponding Addresses ♦ Secretariat: Center for Intangible Culture Studies (CICS)
    285 Gwonsamdeuk-ro, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju, Jeonbuk, Republic of Korea 54898
♦ Web & Email:
♦ Email:
♦ Tel: +82 1522-3146.
Additional info ♦ In the case that travel restrictions have been alleviated and international travel is possible, the 2023 JIAPICH Finalists from overseas will be provided with airfare and accommodation to participate in the awards ceremony held in Jeonju, Korea (*Proceed after consultation if the overseas winner is a group or institution)
♦ If the submitted materials are found to be false or applicant(s) have caused illegal acts or social scandal, awarding will be canceled.
JIAPICH Applicant Information ♦ After filling out the information, click on the Register & Download button
♦ For those having trouble downloading the application, please try using Chrome Web browser instead of Internet browser OR Email to receive the application.
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