Jeonju International Awards for
Promoting Intangible Cultural Heritage

Jeonju City, Republic of Korea, invites
applications for the awards!
2021 JIAPICH Finalists
Dil Kumar Barahi (Nepal)

The Barahi community in Nepal is part of a caste known for their carpentry. Mr. Dil Kumar Barahi comes from this lineage of making wooden chariots for the God Karunamaya. His experience as chariot maker stretches over 50 years, and his work plays a key part in the chariot procession of God Karunamaya that takes place in the city of Patan within Kathmandu Valley (where the God Karunamaya is believed to reside half of the year). Mr. Barahi maintains the ICH of chariot making for the next generation by working hard to teach young chariot makers of Patan to continue what his forefathers have done. All the young people within the Barahi community are welcomed to learn the skills of making the chariot.
El Fèlze (Italy)

In 2002 Mr. Saverio Pastor founded El Fèlze, an association that brings together all the craftsmen involved in the construction of the gondola and its furnishings, as well as the elements of the gondolier’s clothing. El Fèlze is an economic and cultural project, open to craftsmen, gondoliers, professional associations, public bodies, cultural associations, sports clubs and anyone who shares the desire to safeguard, promote and promulgate the history and secrets of the gondola. Its 100 members do not intend to ‘live in the past’, as they hold many workshops in Venice for the public and young people to experience the gondola making process.
Dr. Shirinbek Davlatmamdov (Tajikistan)

Dr. Shirinbek Davlatmamadov received a medical education and specialized as a surgeon, but he found fame in various fashions: as a medical doctor, scientist, teacher, folk healer and guardian of the cultural heritage of his birthplace Ishkashim district of Tajik Badakhshan. His activities in each of these areas has made huge contributions to the development, formation and preservation of local heritage. He has initiated many projects that he has implemented within the framework of the activities of his public organization "Gulu Giyoh". In addition, Dr. Shirinbek Davlatmamadov has become active in the field of bio-cultural diversity preservation due to dramatic changes in the social, cultural, political, and economic life of his local community after the breakup of the Soviet Union