Jeonju International Awards for
Promoting Intangible Cultural Heritage

Jeonju City, Republic of Korea, invites
applications for the awards!
2020 JIAPICH Finalists
ASAMA Burkina Faso Executive Secretary, KI Leonce
  • NGO Region: Africa
  • Main Domain: Traditional craftsmanship, Festive events and Performing arts
ASAMA is a non-profit association with a pan-African vocation. ASAMA was originally created in 1995 by a group of students convinced and concerned about the future of masks threatened by the numerous vices and excesses of modern society (neglect, abandonment, etc.) and wishing to support the societies of traditional masks in order to safeguard this heritage in danger. It was legally recognized as a non-profit organization by the Government of Burkina Faso in 1996.
HIEU DUC, VU Viet Nam Director, Museum of Muong Cultural Space
  • NGO Region: South East Asia
  • Main Domain: Traditional craftsmanship, oral traditions, knowledge and practices concerning nature and universe, social practices, performing arts
The safeguarding of ICH of the Muong community, which is one of the most important minority groups of Viet Nam, has a strong social impact in whole society of Viet Nam. The issue of the preservation of minority cultures has been one of the most sensitive political topics in Viet Nam. The activities of Mr. Vu's "Museum of Muong Cultural Space" could be considered as model activities for the safeguarding of ICH of minority peoples which would result in assisting the minority groups to affirm their cultural identity leading to the establishing of a harmonious cultural diversity of the whole nation.
NGO Impacto Mexico Managing Director, Ms. Adriana Aguerrebere
  • NGO Region: Central America
  • Main Domain: ICH/ Training, Transmission and Promotion of ICH Contacts
Impacto is a non-governmental organization (NGO), officially named Proyecto Impacto Consultores, Asociacion Civil, founded in San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico in June of 2012. It has been active primarily in the textile sector, but, more recently has expanded to work in other sectors of activity in the Highlands region of Chipas, such as coffee production.